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Custom Process


What to expect:

Step 1: The longest step. We meet and discuss your jewellery piece, we work out all those little details including what you love and hate in jewellery. Within about a day of receiving your order we will work with designers on your piece and come up with the best design together as a team, expect questions from us or clarification on all the small details of your custom order, we are very meticulous and are proud of it.

Step 2: If your item comes with a center stone then we will be sending you options for your center stone: either photos or videos or both-this is a great step to start envisioning your ring in future and making the most important decision-choosing the center stone. We will send you options until you are happy with the center stone.

Step 3: Once the center stone is chosen and we have all details about the design of your ring we will start designing the 3D models of your future ring. The 3D designs are great because they allow you to view your ring in 360 degrees and the best part is that we will keep changing the designs until you are happy about it.

Step 4: Now that you are happy with 3D designs its time to make a prototype. A prototype is essentially your future ring in a wax mold minus the all the stones around. This is a good step that allows you to view proportion of the ring and really feel the size of the shank! At this point you can still go back and make the shank or the top of the ring smaller or larger. Sometimes its hard to envision the ring from 3D designs as you are looking at a picture but with wax prototype you can see the ring and really envision it finished. This steps gives you and us the extra assurance that we are on the same page on making your ring to be.

Step 5: The casting step, your prototype mold now is complete, we know you are happy with the mold and so are we. This is the step when your prototype turns into the metal of your choice: gold or platinum. The casting takes about a day and after its complete the jeweler starts to clean you ring and prepares it for further steps.

Step 6: The ring is getting set with diamonds or other stones of your choice. This is an important step and we will be sending you progress reports and photos so that you are a part of your ring creation process. After the setting of the stones is complete it goes back to jeweler for final cleaning, polishing and rhodium. Ring is complete and beautiful, it will get appraised by a gemmologist either in house or locally and a certificate of authenticity will be issued for your item.

Step 7: Ring is complete! We send all items to get appraised for our records and yours as well. A gemologist in house or locally will appraise your item and return to us within an hour. Final step-ring is in the box, appraised and ready to be shipped to you- or hand delivered😊.